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Emily has over twenty-five years of experience performing. She is available for hire at weddings, parties, memorial services, holiday parties, and other special events. Contact her for pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Has Emily performed at many weddings and parties?

A: Yes, more than she can count! Emily began performing at weddings and parties at age ten.


Q: What kind of music does Emily perform?

A: A wide variety, but mostly pop, classics, musicals, operas, and classical. Check out her repertoire page for details.


Q: Can Emily perform a song not listed on her website?

A: Yes, if there is an arrangement suitable for the harp. Special requests are subject to a fee. Ask Emily for more details.

Q: I'm getting married and I have no idea which music to pick for my ceremony. Can Emily help with song selections?

A: Yes, she is happy to. It helps if you can identify the mood/vibe/feeling you want for your wedding and from there Emily can give you song suggestions.

Q: What music is involved in a wedding ceremony?

A: Wedding ceremonies typically consist of the following, though you can tailor it to your particular needs:

1. ~10 songs (15-20 minutes) of prelude music while your guests arrive

2. 1 song while your bridesmaids/groomsmen come down the aisle

3. 1 processional song while the bride comes down the aisle

4. 1 recessional song while the new couple walks back down the aisle

5. 1-2 songs as the guests exit


Q: Does Emily perform at outdoor weddings and events?

A: Yes, all the time. The harp is extremely fragile, though, so be sure you have a level, shaded spot for it during your event, and a back-up location in case it rains. The harp absolutely cannot get wet, so if you’re determined to have an outdoor wedding/event, rain or shine, the harp is probably not the best fit for you.

Q: Does Emily attend wedding rehearsals?

A: Emily does not typically attend wedding rehearsals, though she may for an added fee.


Q: How do I book Emily?

A: Email the details of your event (date, location, event type, and the time for harp performance) to Emily at Once Emily confirms she is available, she will send you a form to fill out so she can make up a contract. A non-refundable deposit of $50 is required to secure your event. This deposit counts toward your total due.

Q: What are Emily's rates?

A: Pricing depends on many factors, including event location and accessibility. Please contact Emily for details.

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