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Emily loves teaching harp students of all ages and abilities. She uses the traditional (note-reading) method of teaching. She has a strong interest in music theory and technique. Her students perform in recitals twice a year and, once comfortable, she helps them pursue additional performance opportunities.
Emily has limited openings for new harp students.

Q: How much are harp lessons?
A: For current tuition pricing, please contact Emily.
Q: How much are harps?
A: Beginner harps are usually $4,000-$5,000, though you can find used or smaller harps for less. The main suppliers of new harps in Utah are Lyon & Healy West and Summerhays Music. Summerhays also sells harps on consignment.

Q: What if I don't want to buy a harp immediately. Can I rent?
A: Yes, Emily has a couple student harps she rents out. If they are unavailable she can give you suggestions of other places to check for rental availability.

Q: I want to start my child on harp lessons. When is a good age to start?
A: Because Emily teaches the traditional, note-reading method, she prefers her students be able to read and at least 6 or 7 years old.



How to Tie Harp Strings

Replacing a String on Your Harp

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Tuning your harp

Lever harp students may skip to 4:10 in the linked video and use their iStrobosoft app instead of the tuner in the video.

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